Welcome to Sagan Tinanom Nature Park

"...Sustainability through cultivation & education."

In fino' CHamoru, the phrase Sågan Tinanom means “Place of Plants.”

Sågan Tinanom Nature Park is a non-profit environmental program of the Ayuda Foundation, as well as a 10-acre educational forest, in the heart of the most heavily populated village on the island of Guåhan. Surrounded by homes, schools, and a ponding basin, the Nature Park's secondary limestone forest ecology offers a sanctuary for populations of many of our island's native and endangered wildlife. Students, visitors, and volunteers are invited to walk along our trails, learn about their surroundings, and join us as we work towards progressing the revitalization of our land and the sustainability of our island, through cultivation and education.





How did we come to be what we are today? Learn about the history of our forest, our mission, and our staff.

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Ready to join us in the field? You can become a contributor to our cause by volunteering or scheduling a visit.

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Your donation will help us preserve and perpetuate our native forests, corals, and food security.

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